Encouraging Students to Think, Explore & Solve Problems!

Welcome to STEMNASIUM™ LEARNING labs, the SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, DIGITAL ARTS, AND MATHEMATICS experts. We show ALL kids how to discover and how to unlock their STEM and Computer Science Super Powers. Our programs are designed to show students how to think critically and how to establish identities for STEM careers that do not currently exist; we call this "FUTURE PROOF." We support ALL scholars on their learning journey as they self-identify with STEM as a college and/or career pathway that interest them.

To reach as many students as possible, we offer flexible, full turnkey solutions for parents, schools, school districts and community centers. Our focus is on preparing the new generation of STEM thought leadership, innovation and creativity. Connect with us TODAY and try one of our no-obligation underwater robotics, drone photography and drone cinematography programs.

Preparing Students for the 21st Century

Like you, we believe ALL students have SUPER POWERS and with STEMNASIUM™ as your programming partner; together we can be sure students are prepared for 21st century college and career pathways. Unlike other programs and approaches that fall short of meeting the overall objective, STEMNASIUM™ LEARNING Labs is a complete STEM solution that engages students as early as pre-kindergarten. We develop authentic learning environments where students learn how to think critically and computationally so they are prepared for post secondary success and beyond. Our curriculum, which is combination of project and inquiry based learning, blended learning and core knowledge is designed to boosts student engagement and inspire “I Can Do It” moments.

ALL STEMNASIUM™ scholars lead their own discovery culminating in local and national underwater robotics, drone challenges,  mathematics, science and engineering exhibitions  They begin to see a wider range of options that lead to self selecting STEM as a career or college readiness pathway.

We’ve already had major success working with children as young as three years old. Would you believe these youngsters built robots, authored books, held provisional US patents, wrote code, and created apps? This is what happens when you have high expectations and provide schools and students with the tools they need for success.

A New Emphasis for Education

At STEMNASIUM™ LEARNING labs we believe in preparing young students now for the careers of the future, many of which have yet to be invented. Children who learn science, technology, engineering, and mathematics today are ready for high-tech careers in tomorrow’s world.

With the help of our academy, students learn, grow, and develop. This reflects in their grades and in the possibilities that are open to them today and tomorrow. The skills we emphasize are teamwork, collaboration, problem-solving, and critical thinking.

Contact us today to FUTURE PROOF your students. We boldly serve parents, students, schools, districts and community centers all across the world.