About Us

STEMNASIUM™ LEARNING labs is proud to be a premier partner for high quality STEM programs in many schools across the country.

At STEMNASIUM™ LEARNING labs, we understand the need for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education that’s engaging and fun. We provide ALL students with access to a high-quality, world-class STEM program.

Our STEM educational solution can be deployed as a Saturday program; which allows us to partner directly with parents. We also offer our programming as a single day, multi day workshop, after-school enrichment, a school break (Winter, Fall, Summer, Spring-Break) experience or as a school within a school program; which allows us to partner directly with school leaders making it possible for every student in the entire campus to have access to high quality, high engaging STEM programs. Contact US today! and ask about our fully customized solutions that can be deployed based on other special requirements.

Why start so young?

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STEM is a language and what we know about language is when you expose a child to that language early, you increase their chances of being successfully fluent at that language. ALL students have a natural curiosity to explore, challenge and discover new ways of doing things. At STEMNASIUM™ LEARNING labs we build on this notation affording students the opportunity to discover and unlock their STEM and computer science SUPER POWERS!.

“STEM is a language and early exposure increases the chances of being successfully fluent” -- Tariq Al-Nasir

Our strategy is to develop authentic learning environments where students learn how to think critically and computationally, so they are prepared for post-secondary success and beyond. To realize this mission, we recognize that we must develop the total child – coupled with high expectations and even higher levels of support.

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Contact us today to learn how we show students how to discover and how to unlock their stem and computer science super powers. We boldly serve parents, students, schools, districts and community centers all across the world.