What is the STEMNASIUM LEARNING Lab program?

STEMNASIUM LEARNING Labs is a project-based, adaptive learning module with built-in key reading, math and science rigor that goes beyond playing with computer games, putting small blocks together and tutoring. Instead, students actively develop critical thinking skills while progressing independently through our carefully crafted curriculum. Students are encouraged to work in teams as they progressively learn complex engineering, technology, science and math concepts. Through the natural process of inquiry over the 40-week program, students emerge as thought leaders and innovators while coding and programming mobile apps, producing and editing short documentaries, designing and building artificially intelligent robots and piloting and testing drones and underwater robots. Students are challenged to find solutions to real-world programs as they are guided towards STEM and STEAM careers that in most cases do not yet exist.

What will my child do in the classes and at events?

In general, STEMNASIUM is preparing your child to compete in local, state and national engineering, math, science, and technology exhibitions. These events are where all student teams create, design, pilot and test robots, drones, cyborg insects, mobile phones, computers and video games. When you enroll your child in our program you are signing them up for the 40-week Saturday program.  In this program students will engage in small group (reading and math session) designed to develop solid reading and math comprehension skills. We do this to create a learning pathway that supports student academic growth for math, reading, and science. Our goal is for your scholar to be advanced for their current grade level and proficient for their subsequent grade level, for these core subjects. Our sessions are NOT boring and rote and they are fun, and interactive in a way that students LOVE.  We are partnering with you so you will always know how your scholar is doing. After each reading and math session, complex STEM projects such as underwater robotics, humanoid robotics, video game design and more are introduced and completed typically about every 10 weeks. All of these small projects lead to one big project called the design challenges or exhibitions where students from all of the STEMNASIUM centers and programs gather to compete and to showcase their hard work.   At STEMNASIUM it’s not about who wins, it's more the learning pathway, self -identity, teamwork, and collective responsibility.

What’s the right age for STEMNASIUM?

STEMNASIUM can show any child as young as 3 years old how to discover and how to unlock their STEM and computer science superpowers and help each child advance in school – regardless of age and learning abilities.



How often does my child attend STEMNASIUM?

When you become part of the STEMNASIUM network, you are becoming part of something special and unique. You have the option to choose from 2 weekly (Saturday) time slots; 9:00 am to 11:00 am or 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm and once you select a time slots it's yours to keep for the duration of the 40-week program. Of course, you may have the option to choose another time slot when life happens. Flexibility around choosing another time slot is based on availability.

How much does STEMNASIUM cost?

In general, the program cost is $150 per Saturday and because our program design is 40 weeks the tuition is $6,000 per student. STEMNASIUM is funded both privately and publicly which makes our program extremely affordable, which reduces the cost to $15 per Saturday, per student. Please contact us immediately to receive valuable information regarding other STEMNASIUM programs, including tuition and other fees.

Why would I keep my child in STEMNASIUM year after year?

The real value of STEMNASIUM instruction – and what sets us apart from other learning programs and tutors – is the impact STEMNASIUM progressive method will make on your child’s success throughout the years, and beyond. With individualized instruction, STEMNASIUM students develop confidence and independence – key traits for success at any age and typically transition to select high schools, colleges, and universities with full scholarships.

How does STEMNASIUM partner with schools and school districts?

STEMNASIUM partners with schools and school districts to expand learning time and boost student achievement. STEMNASIUM regular day, summer, and after-school programs boost student achievement, strengthen their social skills and self-esteem, and help them do better in school. STEMNASIUM works with principals and district leaders to tailor expanded learning programs that address the needs of their students and schools.

STEMNASIUM manages program implementation, hires and trains teachers and other program staff, organizes field trips and other program activities, evaluates performance, and raises private funding to pay a portion of program costs. School and district partners define criteria for student participation, provide access to classrooms, auditoriums, and other school facilities, provide meals and snacks, and contribute public funding.

Why Partner with STEMNASIUM?

  1. STEMNASIUM programs produce strong and positive student outcomes.
  2. STEMNASIUM delivers high-quality programs aligned with national, school and district standards, and goals.
  3. STEMNASIUM enhances school and district capacity to deliver training and professional development, manage community engagement, and evaluate impact.
  4. STEMNASIUM raises philanthropic support to cover a portion of program costs.

Who can benefit from the STEM Program?

All students benefit from the STEM program because it teaches 21st-century skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, collaboration and teamwork. The program allows students to explore greater depths of STEM and to implement the skills they learn. It is critically important to start developing STEM skills at a young age to empower today’s students to be tomorrow’s global leaders.

My child is home-schooled or attends a Cyber School and is not in a designed classroom or grade. Are they eligible?


What does STEMNASIUM Learning look like?

A day in the life of STEMNASIUM LEARNING Academy looks like a hive of activity. We take a team-based and hands-on approach to learning. During any of our class (Saturday, Summer, Workshop, School within a School, etc.) you will see small teams of students collaborating with each other to address each challenge we offer to them. Students will be gaining skills both in STEM and in teamwork by pursuing ambitious project goals and working together to achieve them.

Does STEMNASIUM Learning Academy influence achievement scores?

Our goal is to improve students’ capability in the core science and math curriculums. We have an ecosystem of subject matter experts in math and science that will help facilitate student achievement. Furthermore, by demonstrating to students the relevance of math and science and the value of hard work, we inspire them to set high goals and achieve them.

How are schools and students selected?

Superintendents typically define a turnaround strategy. For example: Using summer to prepare rising 2nd and 9th graders who are behind a grade level, providing after school academic programs to increase learning time in underperforming schools focusing on grades where large numbers of students are underperforming on state-level tests. Once the strategy is defined, principals are invited to adopt the STEMNASIUM model and select the specific students who would benefit most.

How does STEMNASIUM measure performance?

STEMNASIUM utilizes computer adaptive assessments, informal and formal observations, social skills assessments, skills-based quizzes, a series of principal, teacher, parent, and scholar surveys, and a set of quality metrics such as attendance and classroom ratios to measure performance. Learn more about our measurement process.

How are students and parents engaged?

Once students are identified for participation in a STEMNASIUM program, we work with parents, principals and school leaders to design our What it Takes partner workshops. Some of the "What it Takes" partner workshops are where parents become the students and students become the teachers. Students, shine as they prepare their parents and community stakeholders to participate in several of the learning activities; the students have already mastered. STEMNASIUM manages enrollment data and tracks and reports on scholar attendance and performance. Other "What it Takes" partner workshops, are lead by STEMNASIUM coaches and are designed to provide parents and community stakeholders with real tools they can use to support their scholars learning journey. 

What is STEM?

STEM is an acronym that stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Since 2001, STEM has become a common part of educational vocabulary. The word STEM was first coined by Dr. Judith Ramaley in 2001.

What sources of public funding may be used to help pay for STEMNASIUM programs?

Some of the public sources of funding that can be used to expand learning time with STEMNASIUM LEARNING Academy include Title I and 21st Century Community Learning Centers. The Wallace Foundation recently published research that further details sources of public funding being used to support summer and after-school learning programs that support the academic achievements, health, and safety of our nation’s young people.

Who performs the instruction for the STEM classes?

All classes are taught by instructors professionally trained in one or more of the STEM disciplines. Instructors have worked and/or taught in their STEM field. Our instructors/coaches are certified to teach our curriculum. All instructors maintain their certification by attending yearly professional development classes via our programming partners at universities, colleges and academies.

How is the staff selected?

STEMNASIUM collaborates with school and district partners to hire high-performing instructors and/or certified teachers to lead STEM-based instruction. STEMNASIUM also recruits and hires paraprofessionals, college students, specialty instructors, and other community members to fill additional roles in its program models. STEMNASIUM provides training, professional development, curriculum, and supplies.

How does STEM help my child in their regular classroom studies?

STEMNASIUM LEARNING Academy has an integrated curriculum that touches on a variety of subjects. Because of the intensity of our instruction, students will be challenged to excel in each one of these subjects. The program also promotes mastery in core subjects such as reading, math, and science.

Contact us today with any other questions you have in regards to our STEM programs. We boldly serve parents, students, schools, districts and community centers all across the world.